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Insurance Claim Denials

At Dyson Law, we have over 20 years’ experience helping businesses and individuals reverse denials by their insurance companies.

Critical Illness Insurance Claims

Did your insurance company deny your claim under a critical illness policy? We have experience dealing with such claims.

In one case, our lawyers successfully challenged a denial by an insurance company. The insurer denied the claim based on alleged symptoms of the critical illness occurring during the first 90 days qualifying period after the policy was purchased which was not correct.

In another case, the insurance company denied a critical illness claim on the basis of a “pre-existing condition” that was diagnosed prior to the purchase of the policy. The policy defined “pre-existing condition” as one that was “diagnosed by a physician.” In this case, the diagnosis was not made by a physician but instead by a non-physician health practitioner. As a result, our team was able to get the insurance company to pay out on the critical illness policy since the condition was not identified by a physician prior to the purchase of the policy.

Denied Disability Insurance Claims

We have helped our clients get coverage under disability policies where they have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents or by disabling diseases.

In many cases, the disability insurer denied the coverage based on the allegation that our client could work in some capacity.  In other instances, the denial was based on an alleged pre-existing condition.

We have successfully reversed the denial in a majority of the cases we have handled.

We’ll obtain the necessary medical evidence needed to challenge the denial.

Please call us immediately if your insurance claim caused by a personal injury or disease has been denied. Note that results may vary as each case is unique in terms of facts and/or law.

Insurance Coverage Denials for
Construction Companies and Other Businesses

We have experience in reversing the decisions of insurance companies that tried to deny liability coverage for businesses.

In several of the cases we have handled, insurance companies attempted to deny coverage for businesses being sued for alleged negligence or breach of contact. The coverage denials were often based on alleged “loopholes” or genuine mistakes made by the insurance brokers selling the policy.

If you are in that position, we can sue the insurance company to request the proper insurance coverage for which your business paid.

Has your Business Interruption Insurance claim been denied?  As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, all kinds of British Columbia businesses are suffering losses. 

Many insurers are not ready to pay out claims for business interruption insurance caused by COVID-19.

After denying your insurance claim the insurance company will often say that you can “appeal” their decision. 

Often such a process will prolong the processing of your claim and may even put your entire claim in danger. your entire insurance claim could be lost.

Limitation Periods

Please note that there are strict time limits for making insurance claims. Some expire within days, weeks, months or years after the date triggering the coverage.

If you miss a limitation date, your claim may be lost forever. 

Do not delay. Please immediately seek experienced legal representation.

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