Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Car accidents, especially pedestrian and truck accidents, can cause broken bones.
Broken bones are often the result of slip and fall accidents caused by the carelessness of others.
Often, broken bones from car accident injuries do not heal without complication.

This is particularly true where the breakage is not horizontal.

At Dyson Law Corporation, we will make sure that your broken bone accident injury is treated and diagnosed by the appropriate medical professional.
We will arrange for MRI scans to be completed at your doctor’s orders.

If the broken bones interfere with your ability to work or enjoy life, we will ensure that you receive appropriate compensation.

If you have suffered a broken bone from an accident that is not your fault, please phone us for your free consultation.

In a case that has been used as a precedent, Chris represented an injured victim of a careless driver who suffered from a broken bone injury.

In this case, the injured victim received $140,000 for pain and suffering damages for a broken left femur plus $100,000 for past lost income and $200,000 for future economic losses for a total of $462,912 plus costs and disbursements. ICBC’s last offer was $177,000 plus costs and disbursements.

The decision can be found here

This injury occurred as a result of a pedestrian accident.
Broken bone injuries often occur as a result of a pedestrian accident.
We work closely with orthopedic medical specialists and occupational therapists to help you.

At Dyson Law, we will look after your broken bone injury caused by a careless driver in a professional and skillful fashion.

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