Cycling Accident Injuries

We Will Help You Deal with ICBC and Ensure You Get Fair Treatment

At Dyson Law we have decades of experience helping injured cyclists hurt in road accidents. Accidents can occur when motorists are not watching and hit bikes. Car door openings can cause awful injuries including death.

The traffic fines/penalties are usually small ($100 or less often) even when the careless driver causes injury or even death.

At Dyson Law, we will ensure you get justice for your bike accident. We will advance your case to Supreme Court and/or the Civil Resolution Tribunal as is appropriate.

Cycling accidents usually involve severe injuries such as concussion, chronic pain and psychological injury. Broken bones and spinal cord injuries are also common.

ICBC may take the position that the cyclist is at least partially at fault for the accident and requests a deduction in the injury compensation (this often comes later in an injury case). They also often incorrectly classify many serious injuries such as PTSD or concussion as “minor injuries” (now backed up with harsh new laws).

At Dyson Law, we’ll fight for your rights and work hard to get the system to treat you fairly. Don’t face ICBC alone.

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