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Decades of experience helping our clients.

For over 21 years, the lawyers at the Dyson Law Firm have provided innovative and effective legal representation for families and businesses in British Columbia and elsewhere. Our highly skilled and passionate litigation lawyers have successfully represented clients before all levels of British Columbia courts and tribunal including the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

We have decades of experience helping clients resolve disputes involving insurance, personal injury, employment law, labour law, construction law and estate disputes.  We have experience assisting with class/group actions involving multiple parties.

We regularly utilize mediation and negotiation to resolve your disputes in a cost effective and less stressful manner. However, we will not hesitate to go to court or arbitration if necessary. We are passionate in helping you resolve your legal disputes.

Your claim is far too important to leave anything to chance. When you work with Dyson Law Firm, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from partnering with highly seasoned professionals.

Your personal injury goes beyond mere physical pain. Dyson Law Firm helps ensure you are not abandoned in times of distress and are represented fairly in the courtroom.

Dyson Law Firm are seasoned negotiators and understand every aspect of  law. They protect their clients against potentially costly and often overlooked details.

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