Travel Insurance Health Care Cost Denial Claims

Travel Insurance Health Care Cost Denial Claims

At Dyson Law, we have experience assisting Canadians who suffered from illnesses in the United States but their insurance carriers refused to reimburse them for their hospital expenses.

Often these expenses approach or exceed $100,000. When confronted with a refusal by your insurance company to pay for your USA health care expenses, it can be a scary and stressful experience. That’s why you should get in touch with an expert insurance lawyer to help you through the process of getting your insurance company to move past the denial and pay you under the policy you purchased in good faith.

In one case, a Canadian had suffered from a heart attack in the United States and required emergency medical care including airlift and a lengthy hospital stay. Her health insurer refused to cover the expenses based on an alleged “pre-existing condition”. In the meantime, collection agents hired by the various care companies hounded our client to immediately pay treatment bills in excess of $100,000.

We were able to hold off and negotiate with the care companies. In the meantime, we brought legal action against the Canadian travel insurance company that was incorrectly refusing coverage based on the alleged “pre-existing” condition.

In the end, the Canadian travel insurance company reversed their earlier denial decision in the face of a lawsuit we launched. They agreed to cover our client’s health care expenses.

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