Do you have a serious injury from a truck accident that occurred after April 1, 2019? Are you suffering from permanently disabling chronic pain after being hit as a pedestrian?

Simply because your injury does not fall within the BC Government’s definition of a “minor injury” does not mean it can’t be redefined by ICBC as a minor injury.

Your disabling concussion can be re-classified by ICBC as a “minor” injury if you don’t follow the treatment plan set out by your GP.

The authority for this harsh law is found in Section s. 101(2)(3)(4) of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act:

Subject to subsection (3) and the regulations, an injury that, at the time of the accident or when it first manifested, was an injury within the definition of “minor injury” in subsection (1) is deemed to be a minor injury if

(a)the claimant, without reasonable excuse, fails to seek a diagnosis or comply with treatment in accordance with a diagnostic and treatment protocol prescribed for the injury, and

(b )the injury

(i)results in a serious impairment or a permanent serious disfigurement of the claimant, or

(ii)develops into an injury other than an injury within the definition of “minor injury” in subsection (1).

So what does this mean?

It means that you must follow the advice of your doctors otherwise ICBC could redefine your serious injury as a “minor” injury subject to a $5500 cap on pain and suffering damages.

Please ensure you see your GP, follow the advice of your GP and phone Dyson Law for help ensuring that your serious injury is not re-classified as a “minor” injury subject to harsh treatment.

PHONE DYSON LAW AT (604) 876 – 7000.

Thank you!




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