The BC Government Has Proclaimed June as Brain Injury Awareness Month!

The Government of British Columbia issued a Proclamation in June of 2019 declaring a “Brain Injury Awareness Month”.

This Proclamation was signed by the Attorney General of BC and the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia.

In the Proclamation, the Government of BC admits in writing that brain injuries are serious injuries that are often devastating for the victim.

Yet, last November in 2018, the same BC Government passed a Regulation which attempts to define common brain injuries (concussions) as “minor” injuries for ICBC purposes.

We will work hard to hold the Province and ICBC to their words. We work with neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, family doctors, rehabilitation clinics and OT’s to help you through your brain injury claim with ICBC. We do not accept that concussions are “minor injuries” and neither should you!

Call Dyson Law today to talk about your ICBC concussion injury!

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