ICBC Claims

ICBC Injury Claims

When starting the claim process, a lot of stress can come from being doubted by ICBC for telling your side of what happened. It has been said, “it is hard to get better when you are always trying to prove to someone you are injured.”

An experienced personal injury lawyer will trust you when you say you are injured — ICBC will not.

This causes a lot of stress and it is stress you don’t need when recovering from a car accident.

Dyson Law Corp has over 15 years of experience representing injured people against ICBC.

Once we are retained, we revoke any authorizations ICBC has so it cannot obtain medical records on your case without going through us first.

We become your communication conduit with ICBC and provide a safe and confidential ear for you to discuss your claim without worrying that the things you say will be used against you.

When it comes time to negotiating a fair settlement for your injury claim, we will gather all the necessary information and provide it to ICBC in a way to maximize the amount of money you get for your car accident injury.

Getting Results.

In a 2014 case, Chris represented an injured victim of a motor vehicle accident. ICBC’s last offer was $50,000 plus costs and disbursements. The plaintiff’s last offer was $64,000 plus costs and disbursements. At trial, Chris obtained for his client an award of $146,000 plus costs and disbursements. Review a PDF to the Court’s Reasons for Judgment.