Disabled From Your Serious Accident Injury? You May Be Entitled to CPP Disability Benefits As Well As ICBC Compensation.

Are you permanently and seriously disabled as a of a pedestrian accident? You might qualify for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits outside of any damages payable by ICBC.  Such CPP benefits are paid monthly and require a finding of a “serious” and “prolonged” disability.

At Dyson Law,we handle your injury case against ICBC and the drunk or careless driver that hit you.  We can also handle your appeal of a CPP denial in the face of medical evidence that you really are seriously impaired from employment.

In a recent case indexed as GP-18-1198, our client was seriously injured by a careless driver.  ICBC denied our client temporary total disability (TTD) benefits because she initially went back to work after the car accident. In addition, CPP for years denied our client’s application for CPP disability benefits.

In July of 2019, our lawyer, Christopher Dyson, won the appeal of the CPP disability denial for the accident victim.  Mr. Dyson successfully represented the victims before the Social Security Tribunal Canada at an oral hearing reversing years of denials from the Canada Pension Plan/Ministry of Employment.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for ICBC total disability benefits or your CPP disability benefits arising from motor vehicle accident injuries, please call Dyson Law today!

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