At Dyson Law, we have 20 years of experience helping injured victims with broken thigh bone injuries caused by careless drivers.

Were you a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcyclist hit by a careless motorist?  Did you suffer from broken bones?

We will deal with ICBC while you recover from your serious broken bone injury.  This means we will set you up with the right medical experts, get you coverage from ICBC for your treatment and arrange for any occupational therapists to help you.

We will negotiate a fair settlement for you through a mediation or, if ICBC plays hardball, we will go to trial on your behalf.

In a case that has been followed as a precedent by the courts, Chris Dyson ran a trial for a broken (but well healed) femur injury  (fractured thigh bone) and received a judgment of more than $460,000 plus costs. ICBC’s last and best offer was $176,000 plus costs. This case can be found here:

A diagonal bone fracture can be very problematic. Horizontal fractures generally have fewer complications but still often result in life long injuries.

If you have a broken bone injury, do not deal with ICBC alone, please call Dyson Law. We can meet you at your home or hospital if your injury does not allow you to come to one of our offices.

PLEASE PHONE (604) 876 – 7000 FOR HELP NOW.

Thank you!




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