Nerve Root Impingement Injuries From Car Accidents – We’ll Help You


Our law firm has decades of experience representing victims of car crashes suffering from spinal nerve root compression injuries. Often, the forces from car crashes will cause the discs in your spine to impinge on nerves including the spinal cord.

The symptoms from these serious injuries may include chronic pain, loss of function, numbness, tingling and other neurological signs. These nerve compression injuries are not minor injuries even as defined by the harsh, new ICBC definitions approved by the BC Government.

These injuries often are permanent. Surgery might improve but often will not resolve this condition. Risks of surgery could include a worsening of symptoms and even paralysis in some unfortunate cases.

These injuries very commonly cause you to suffer from functional impairments reducing your future capacity to earn an income. ICBC often resists these capacity claims vigorously so it’s important not to deal with ICBC alone without legal counsel. These injuries can occur in your cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine.

MRI scanning can help detect these injuries and we can set you up with a radiologist at a leading edge MRI clinic in the Vancouver area to obtain an accurate MRI analysis and report.

If you’ve been suffering from numbness, radiating pain or tingling following your ICBC car accident injury, please call us immediately. We’ll help you.

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