Reporting Your ICBC Injury Claim

Reporting Your ICBC Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured by a hit and run motorist, you have 24 hours to report the accident to ICBC. Failure to do so could engender your claim. You also should report the incident to the police. You have an obligation to make “best efforts” to identify the unidentified motorist otherwise you could lose your claim.

Be careful with what you say to ICBC; anything you say to them could be used against you later. That’s one reason why it’s always a good idea to have experienced legal counsel like Dyson Law helping you as soon as possible.

Collecting Evidence

You should ensure that you collect the names of witnesses at an accident scene. Statement from these witnesses should be taken. This is something that our experienced injury lawyers can assist you with if you retain us as your counsel. This should be done quickly before witnesses move or memories fade.

Get Treatment

Please ensure that you see your doctors regularly. You should follow your doctor’s advice for treatment and get appropriate rehabilitation. Our law firm can assist you with securing funding for rehabilitation from ICBC or other insurance companies.

Be Aware of Limitation Periods

There are strict limitation periods that must be followed. For example, if you don’t file your claim with the British Columbia courts within two years of the date of your accident, your entire injury claim will be lost and ended. Please call our office to secure your claim against these strict time limits. There are other time limits, as well, so it’s best to speak to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.


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